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Rush Multipurpose Youth Facility
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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate, support and promote projects, programmes, and groups that make a positive difference to children and young people in the local area of Rush, to engage with the community and to use the facility in the best interests of the community.

Guiding Principles

RMYF aims to achieve its aims in a way that is consistent with certain values and approaches.  These are:

• Children’s rights: The rights of children as outlined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) are recognised and
child-centred-approaches are adopted.
These are supported by our child protection policy including Garda vetting of staff working with children or vulnerable adults

• Equality: The diversity of young people’s experiences, abilities, identities and cultures is acknowledged.
Equality is promoted as a means of achieving greater social inclusion

• Evidence-informed and outcomes-focused: To be effective, policies and services must be supported by evidence and focused on the achievement of the RMYF objectives.

• Accountability and resource efficiency: Clear implementation, monitoring, accountability, traceability and lines of responsibility are in place to drive timely and effective policy

• Co-operation: with staff, with groups in the community and with users of our services to achieve collaborative processes and positive outcomes

Aim and Objectives

Our overall aim is to be an inclusive organisation that supports our community needs, with a focus on supporting groups and activities that develop skills, education, and abilities that will enable our young people to become socially engaged, independent and successful.

Other RMYF Aims are:
• to promote, manage, and operate the RMYF facility in line with best practice in a way that supports the needs of the community.
• To support education opportunities to young people to help them move from childhood to adulthood with the tools they need to become
happy, healthy, valued members of society, irrespective of what religious, ethnic, economic, or social grouping they belong to.

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